Why should I start my day with gratitude?

Posted: 25th June 2021

Do you ever have that feeling of anxiousness when you wake up in the morning? A helpful way to work with this is to simply recognise, these are just thoughts. Nothing more. Rather than holding on to these thoughts, use mindfulness and meditation techniques to try switching them to thoughts of gratitude instead.  

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Here are our top tips to help you with this: 

  • Set your mind free. To enable this to work, meditation requires your total focus and awareness. Allow your body to switch off. 
  • Find a quiet, safe place and give yourself ‘the talk’. Allow yourself to take five minutes completely for yourself.
  • We suggest that you take this time first thing in the morning. Calm yourself before your day begins, and eliminate those feelings of anxiety.
  • Keep a little quote somewhere where you’ll always look, remind yourself ‘replace anxiety with gratitude’. 
  • Shift your focus away from unhelpful thoughts to more positive and supportive thoughts. Allow yourself to be kind to you and recognise you can shift the way you come into the day by focusing on gratitude and simply changing the way you think. 
  • Do you hear the little voice in your head, are thoughts beginning to collate? Good! This is completely normal and natural! Simply let your thoughts float pass, like big fluffy clouds in the big blue sky.  
  • For the last few moments, simply think of three things you are grateful for, right now in this moment, little things or big things – simply take the time to recognise and notice them. 
  • And finally when you feel ready, bring your thoughts and attention back to the room. Gently release yourself, opening your eyes and moving on forward with your day. 

Adopting this technique and a morning gratitude practice will make a huge difference to outcomes in your life. Using these top tips will help you form a grateful mindset and a positive habit!

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Allow yourself to be thankful for things you have and shed away any negative thoughts. Open yourself up to the positive side of life! 

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