Why is Ofsted so stressful?

Posted: 25th June 2021

The dreaded visit of Ofsted. This can be a Teacher’s worst nightmare. With sleepless nights from the stress. Take time to reflect and ask yourself, ‘why am I stressing?’ Believe in yourself! 

Different techniques and meditation practices can help you soothe those nerves and release any tension you may have. This may even help before a meeting or simply when you need to relax and take time out! 

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A top tip from us is, the more you do this, the quicker you’ll be able to calm yourself down and take control of your nerves. 

Take a moment out of your day, where you can completely relax. For this to work you need to ensure you are totally focused. Find a safe, quiet space and give yourself permission to to take five minutes. Allow your mind to come home and sit quietly, with your hands in your lap, and focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath and a few moments to consciously relax your body. 

Following your breathing, place your hand on your tummy, feel the rise and deflation as your breath enters and leaves the body. Allow your thoughts to come into your mind, this is completely natural and there is no way to completely block them. Simply just let the thoughts pass, as if they’re big fluffy clouds! 

Those little thoughts that come into your mind, allow them to float away. There’s no need to hang on to them! Simply focus on your breathing, counting up to three or four as you inhale and exhale! As you’re relaxing and focused on your breathing, now is the perfect time to positively build yourself up! Tell yourself, you are strong, you have courage, you can do it!

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When you feel ready, once you’ve built yourself up and remembered how great you are, you can bring your thoughts and attention back to the room. Remember you can take the time out to do this anytime and anywhere! All you need is a five minute breather. Allow yourself to have these moments regularly.

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