What is an EYFS Curriculum Planner?

Posted: 28th May 2021

Our most popular product has been updated to align with the new EYFS curriculum guidance. Each EYFS Planner has all the information you need to plan, assess and assign the next steps for your students. This is the perfect resource to help support all of your EYFS curriculum planning. 

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Eyfs Curriculum Planner 2021 2022 Mockup

Our brand new EYFS curriculum planner contains the following information:

  • Learning objectives from birth as outlined in Development Matters
  • Examples of support
  • Observation Checkpoints
  • Final Early Learning Goals as outlined in the latest statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning.

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Additional features include:

  • Transition information templates
  • Assessment templates for all areas of learning
  • Planning idea pages
  • An academic calendar
  • A section to record report writing ideas

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A new feature to our EYFS planner is a phonics assessment template. This template has been designed to work alongside the UK letters and sounds document. Simply print your phonics flashcards from http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/ to assess the progress of phonics within your setting, in your EYFS curriculum planner. 

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Check out this video to see our curriculum planners inside:

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This document has been designed as a tool to carry out all of your planning but gives you curriculum content that you can refer to. For more information about the EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage, read our blog.

Eyfs Curriculum Planner 2021 2022 Mockup