The Edubox Story (Part One)

Posted: 8th September 2020

My name is Hayley Mann, I am the co-founder of Edubox along with my good friend Charlotte Holmes. I qualified as a teacher in July 2010. I completed my NQT year in Nursery then went on to work as a Reception teacher as an Early Years coordinator. 

My Early Years team were amazing, they worked really hard at linking their observations to the Early Years curriculum and looking at the ages and stages to identify next steps in their learning. To help everyone in the unit, I put posters on the wall so at a glance the team could link the learning to the curriculum. This worked really well apart from when we were working in the outdoor area, Forest School and when we were taking part in off-site activities (we didn’t have tapestry or 2simple then, so we did rely on the posters). I started to think of what would be useful for these occasions. Then I thought of putting the curriculum on a keyfob so that the curriculum could go anywhere with you so you could refer to it at any time. However, this was a time-consuming task and I didn’t get round to actually making it for a very long time. 

During the summer holiday of 2015, my Father in law became very sick. My husband and I spent a lot of time helping both of my in-laws often staying for a few days at a time. Without the usual distractions, during any spare time, I started to make this curriculum tool for my team and I. Once it was formatted onto a PowerPoint presentation, I printed some off and began laminating the cards and putting them together on a keyring. This took hours but eventually, I finished the first version of the keyfob. The first version consisted of development matters starting from 22-36 months through to the final Early Learning Goal. 

When I showed my team, they were very excited and began using it everyday to link their observations to the correct curriculum content descriptors. 

This was the start of a very exciting venture. 

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