Your Ultimate Calm

We know being a teacher is incredibly rewarding, but it also has its challenges and can be particularly stressful at times. It’s completely normal and healthy to have a certain level of stress, but you might have experienced feelings of overwhelming, out of control anxiety. Perhaps it’s an imminent Ofsted inspection or a lesson observation that gets your mind going into overdrive.

We’ve collaborated with Neuro Headway to bring you Teacher Take Five – your Ultimate Calm!

Your Ultimate Calm

What is Teacher Take Five?

It’s a daily dose of calm – just five minutes a day of tailored meditations to help you restore and reboot your mind.
Well we couldn’t stop there, so we’ve also added some powerful podcasts and handy classroom resources!

Five minute meditations

When you subscribe to Teacher Take Five, you'll get new meditations released regularly and each one lasts just 5 minutes. Each meditation has been created with you in mind, drawing inspiration from established meditation practices. The topics cover anything from a ‘Meditation to calm Ofsted day anxiety’ to a ‘Meditation to stimulate your creativity’.

Powerful podcasts

You'll also get a short podcast uploaded regularly, so when you have a bit more time, listen to topics such as ‘Mindful negotiations in the staffroom’ and ‘Riding the waves of change’ to feel inspired and refreshed.

Handy classroom activities

Mental health and well-being is an important topic for our class as well as ourselves. We’ve created some 10 minute activities that you can do with your children to help them to be more mindful. And due to popular demand, we keep creating more!

How does it work?

  1. Create an Edubox account here. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to login to Teacher Take Five to get access to some sample meditations, a power podcast and a classroom activity here.
  2. If you like what you hear, then you can purchase a subscription to Teacher Take Five here.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you can save Teacher Take Five to your phone as a handy app icon so you’ll always be able to find it quickly. We’ll keep releasing new content for you each week.

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