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We have been asked how the proposed changes to the EYFS will be implemented into our curriculum planner.  We want to reassure you that we are monitoring the changes on a regular basis but we are unable to move forward with the new EYFS curriculum planner until the framework has been released.  Our plan is to have the existing EYFS curriculum planner and the new EYFS curriculum planner ready for September, but we will not be releasing it as early as the other planners as a lot of schools will not know whether they are following the new or existing EYFS in September.  We are hoping we will be able to produce a curriculum planner that consists of the new EYFS in good time but this could put us under time constraints based on getting the product designed, printed and delivered to you for September.

We would therefore recommend not getting your EYFS curriculum planner until August.  In August you will have a clearer idea of which curriculum you will be using and hopefully you will by them have started familiarising yourself with the new framework.

You can now pre-order either the old version or the new version.  If your circumstances change there will be no problem in changing your order.

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Our EYFS class Curriculum presents all Learning outcomes from birth, Early Learning Goals, Exceeding descriptors and the Characteristics of Effective Learning in this handy document. Use this handy A4 planner to refer to the Early Years outcomes when planning and assessing with useful note sections and pages to brainstorm planning ideas for each area of learning for every half term.

Record your children’s information, assessments and phonics assessments in your planner ready to inform your digital trackers. The planner ends with a handy academic calendar so you can record those important assessment deadlines and keep up to date with day to day life within a school. Get organised for September now.



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