Our tips and tricks to beating the Summer Blues

Posted: 12th August 2021

We know as a teacher you find it difficult to switch off and relax. We know you will be experiencing a mix of emotions throughout the whole six weeks so we have put together our top tricks and tips to help you combat those negative feelings. 

  • Don’t ignore your emotions. If you feel you need help, get help. If your depression will be resolved in September – that is no reason to ignore it in July. 
  • Take care of yourselves. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and doing some exercise, but don’t overdo it! Getting into a frenzy of dieting and exercise can make you unhappy and anxious so we recommend doing what makes you feel good! 
  • Plan carefully. Don’t do things just because you have seen others doing it. Think about what you want to come out of this summer holiday, and what is going to be the most rewarding use of your time.  
  • Reflect. It is important to take time to reflect on the year you had, assessing the positives and negatives. Understand what you did well and what could be improved. This will give you the opportunity to improve as a teacher, thinking with a positive attitude moving forward. However, it is key to remember that you are only human. You are doing an amazing job! 
  • Selfcare. There is the old argument that ‘teachers get enough time off anyway’, but as we know through CPD training, tutoring, planning and mentoring and summer programmes teachers barely allow themselves to take five. Take time for yourself. With our Teacher Take Five Wellbeing Journal and app we can help you relax. It is important that you take some time over the summer holidays to focus on your mental wellbeing, but it is also important that self-care continues. Your mental health needs to be addressed all year round!
  • Being organised. This may seem counter intuitive, but ensuring you’re prepared for the next year can be a vital part of looking after your mental well-being. Dedicate time putting a routine together and where you can, allocate time to work on planning, new displays and setting up your classroom environment. Scheduling time will allow you to have control and positives outcomes.

The most important tip is to remember to praise yourselves. You do an amazing job all year round. So well done! Go and enjoy yourself, we know you can do it!

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