How will the APPLE technique help me?

Posted: 25th June 2021

There are many different ways and supportive techniques that you can use to help if you suffer with anxiety and worries. Anxiety UK has suggested using the ‘APPLE’ technique. This is an easy and helpful way to tap into being present, particularly when you begin to have those negative thoughts! 

The ‘APPLE’ technique can help to restore a sense of perspective, and enable you to start or return to your day feeling refreshed and balanced.  

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So what is the ‘APPLE’ Technique you might wonder? 

A = Acknowledge. When you have that feeling of uncertainty, allow yourself to recognise and notice that feeling when it comes to your mind. 

P = Pause. Stop. Take a minute! There is no need to get all worked up, don’t even react. Pause and breathe. 

P = Pull back. This urgent need for certainty is not needed. Remind yourself this is only the worry talking! These are only thoughts or feelings, don’t let your mind trick you and make you believe everything you think. 

L = Let go. Those thoughts and feelings you have, let them go. They aren’t important. Imagine them floating away, like big fluffy clouds! 

E = Explore. Forget the past. Live in the moment. Explore every present opportunity. Use your every sense. Notice your breathing, look around and notice everything you see, what can you hear, what can you touch, what can you smell. Be mindful with your attention. 

Give yourself some mental ‘downtime’ and relax with the ‘APPLE’ technique.

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