Coming soon – Teacher Take Five!

Posted: 23rd July 2020

Coming soon – Teacher Take Five the new addition to the Edubox family. Teacher Take Five presents mindfulness resources in the creative and practical style you already know and love!

It’s the brainchild of Edubox and educational resource company, NeuroHeadway. We have collaborated to create a collection of inspiring Mindfulness practices especially for teachers. Presented as guided meditations and podcasts, teachers everywhere are invited to take just five minutes to refresh, restore and reboot their minds. We’ve created an attractive easy to access App so you can connect through your smart phone, laptop or tablet to take five minutes to recharge your day.

We’ve been working on Teacher Take Five for a while now, and it’s been wonderful to discover the life enhancing benefits of mindfulness with the team at NeuroHeadway. Mindfulness is basically paying attention in the present moment, bringing your awareness to what is going on for you right now without judging or trying to change it. Essentially it is about training your mind not to be constantly chuntering away on auto-pilot, or living in the past or future.

Its practice gives us the opportunity to live a less scattered and more balanced life as we learn where our mind flies off to so we can respond more and react less. The benefits of mindfulness are now well evidenced and include increased mental resilience, stress and pain relief, improved concentration and thinking skills, improved sleep patterns and overall well-being. It has significant results in effective treatment of depression. When we are no longer held back by negative patterns of thought, we give ourselves the opportunity to releasing our full potential.

So, how do we practise mindfulness? As you read this blog, simply pause now, and take your eyes away from these words and let them rest on something else nearby. Take a few moments. See whatever you are looking at as if for the first time. Use all your senses. Notice its colour, shape, texture and the space it rests in. As you have an awareness of all of these things, also notice what other thoughts or feelings are arising at the same time – perhaps associated with this object, or perhaps not. The idea is to simply notice where your attention goes, what you focus on. This is being mindful.

Although it seems simple, mindfulness isn’t an easy option. Learning to be mindful takes time, effort and regular practice. With Teacher Take Five, our intention is to provide helpful and accessible resources to help you on this journey – inviting you to take just five minutes each day to build your practice.

Through our lovely new Teacher Take Five App, we take you step-by-step through guided mindfulness meditations which are practiced sitting in a safe space, plus ideas for living a more mindful life – which we can practice as we go about our everyday lives.  So come on, join in, join us…and Teacher Take Five! Follow us for the latest updates on Instagram:

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