5 Top Teacher Resources

Posted: 4th March 2020

It’s been a busy start to the year for me. I started a new job in January (start of the Australian school year), I have changed year groups, adapted to a totally new curriculum (The IB/PYP curriculum) and have started the ball rolling to start making products for the Australian teaching community. I have reflected on the 5 most used items that have supported me with all of the above. So here they are in no particular order –

1. Date stamp from https://www.stampitbymissm.com/

The marking expectations in Australia are completely different to the expectations in the UK. There is no requirement stating that all work should be marked following a strict marking policy procedure. In Australia, signing a piece of work to say that you have seen it along with a few meaningful comments every now and then is viewed as good practice. I therefore purchased a date stamp from Maria at Stamp it by Ms M and it is a real time saver. I can get all my marking complete before the lesson is over. Take a look at Maria’s website – https://www.stampitbymissm.com or follow her on instagram www.instagram.com/stampit_bymissm . Maria is happy to arrange overseas shipping. 

2. My day to day Edubox diary.

When Edubox first started, our long term goal was to design and make A4 planners to assist with all planning needs. However, we found that there were already a few out there and they were amazing, so instead we produced an academic diary – perfect for people who already had a planner and perfect for those who plan electronically. Our diary has sections for organising parent evenings, recording CPD and evidencing performance management. They were a massive hit within the Edubox community. We are working on something a little different this year which will be revealed to you very soon. You will not be disappointed. 


I once had a subscription to a popular resource site, however I found it far too expensive for the amount I used it. I also felt that classrooms started to look the same and almost became ‘branded’. Then I found Early Years Staffroom which is a lot cheaper, ran by early years experts and the best part… if you need something, they will make it for you. Here is a picture of my number line in my classroom, taken from www.earlyyearsstaffroom.com



Head on over to the website or follow them on instagram @early_years_staffroom and take a look for yourself. 




Number 4 and 5 are of course Edubox products. When I design the products, making them useful is always at the forefront of my mind as well as trying to incorporate elements that save time and reduce workload. For me these two products have done just that.  

4.Staff meeting notebook

Once upon a time, I would grab a piece of paper as I rushed to after school staff meetings. I would often lose that piece of paper which was not great as it often contained important information and deadlines. This staff meeting notebook has been a time saver. It is also sectioned into weeks and terms making it easier to refer back to the notes and sessions.




For each meeting there is an ‘action’ box. Often we are assigned tasks or are giving important deadlines during staff meetings. Having the box highlighted made these things stand out for me. I have felt super organised and now I have 2 years of staff meeting notebooks organised by weeks and terms. I am looking forward to owning my third staff meeting notebook. Our 2020-2021 staff meeting notebooks are now available to buy on our website – www.edu-box.co.uk.





5.Primary Planning booklet

This one is probably my favourite. I have always planned electronically so I have never needed a planner to plan out each day. However I would write on some paper exactly what I was doing that day, along with some to do lists as well as highlight how I was using my PPA time. I designed the planning booklet so it would help me see at a glance what the week looked like. The planning booklets also include a half term overview as well as a mid term planning page. This is perfect to scribble down ideas when you are meeting in a team. Take a look at how I have used mine.








What are your top teacher products? We would love to hear all about them? 

Hayley x